The inspiring personal sharing of Rector Zhao Wei impressed an audience that packed the dining hall at SPC during the College’s third and final High Table Dinner (HTD) of the academic year 2016-17, held in honor of the graduating class of 2017 on April 5.


After recounting his early life experience from a factory worker, who received little formal university education, to become one of the world-class computer scientists to eventually serve as the current Rector of the University of Macau, Professor Zhao humbly and amiably moved on to highlight the extraordinary achievements of the University.


“Professor Zhao does not talk like a Rector.  Instead, he appears to be sharing with a group of young friends,” a faculty member said he was deeply impressed.


The souvenir for this rarely heard life experience is a portrait of the Rector.  Painted by a talented Year-One student Kieron Chan, the image of Rector Zhao in the portrait and the real Rector Zhao who stood by the side look almost identical, drawing loud applause from the audience.


The spirited singing of the SPC Choir, which followed immediately after Rector’s personal sharing, brought to participating graduants not only relevance and emotion, but also to the whole audience a second focal point of the evening’s celebration in honor of the class of 2017.


In this regard, the College presented a gift package to each member of the graduating class, which contains a notebook and a leaf-shape bookmark that highlight SPC’s motto and mission statement.   In return, two graduants shared their personal growth experience during their years of stay in SPC.


The third focal point of the evening’s celebration emerged when three past graduates of the College stood on stage, appealing to all members of graduating class to stay connected by joining the “Alumni Connection,” which will form the core group of the to-be-formed SPC Alumni Association.


Joining the College to bless members of the graduating class are Vice Rector Prof. Haydn Chen and Mrs. Chen, Dean of Students Mr. Paul Pang, 15 College Fellows and Affiliates, plus 7 volunteer tutors of the College’s English programs from Macau and Hong Kong.  More than 150 undergraduate students formed the backbone of the celebration crowd.











Rector Zhao Wei discussing about RC education with Master Leung and student ambassador / 趙偉校長與梁偉賢院長及學生大使討論書院教育

Rector Zhao Wei sharing his childhood experience / 趙偉校長分享自己的童年經歷

Master Leung presenting portrait painted by Kieron Chan (left) to Rector Zhao / 梁偉賢院長將陳昇遙同學繪製的畫像贈予趙偉校長

All audiences applauding for Rector Zhao’s sharing / 全場聽眾為趙偉校長的精彩分享鼓掌

All audiences listening to Rector Zhao’s experience in America / 全場聽眾聽趙偉校長介紹他在美國的經歷

SPC Choir performing “We are young” / 紹邦書院合唱團獻唱《We are young》

Three past graduates sharing their reflection of their student life in SPC / 三位校友分享在紹邦書院成長的感悟

Guests taking group photo with graduands / 嘉賓與畢業班學生合影