The 5th SPC English Camp helped students to improve themselves

Shiu Pong College (SPC) organized on May 19-21 its 5th English Camp (EC) with the theme of “A town built on a hill cannot be hidden” on May 19-21. A total of 19 English-speaking volunteer tutors and nearly 30 students participated in this camp.

All participants were divided into 7 groups. Each group consisted of 2 volunteer tutors and 4 students. In this two-and-a-half-day camp, they had 7 meaningful activities on team work, leadership, communication, English words memory, drama performance and movie night. Students introduced to volunteer tutors (in English) the history and culture of Macau in an afternoon Cultural Excursion on May 20. Some student leaders also attended leadership training workshop in the evening of May 20 and 21.

All Students gave positive reflection at the end of English camp (to quote some):

“I thought I just come to learn English, but it turned out that it is far more than English. “I learned many important things from my tutors’ sharing of their real life experience.”

“I learn not only English, but also different ways to communicate and to lead.”

“I feel more confident now.”

“English Camp is a very good opportunity to improve myself.”









Leadership training workshop before English Camp / 英語營之前的領導力工作坊

Tutor discussing what leadership is with students in leadership training workshop / 導師與同學們討論什麼是領導力

Students and volunteer tutors introducing themselves / 學生和志願者導師彼此介紹自己

Students and volunteer tutors trying to know each other better / 學生和志願者導師彼此介紹自己

Group discussion on team work / 小組討論團隊合作

Group effort in defining “Success” / 關於“成功”的小組討論

Volunteer tutors explaining the rules of a game / 志願者導師解釋遊戲規則

All are set to forge ahead in a game on memorizing English words / 準備就緒於記憶英文生字遊戲中爭勝

Playing the game on trust / 考驗信心的遊戲

Student sharing reflection on self-understanding / 學生分享自我認識的心得

Master Leung presenting certification to leadership trainer / 梁偉賢院長贈送證書給領袖訓練導師

Group photo taking at the end of EC / 英語營結束的大合照