Dear Students,

You may have already known that the Motto of Shiu Pong College is “You are the Light of the World,” and this ‘light” is interpreted as symbolically embodying the personality traits of adherence to truth, pursuit of perfection, passion for life, and desire to share and help.


In summer of 2016, a group of 19 SPC students went to Bo Ai School in Shanxi Province of China for 10 days, teaching primary and junior high school children 4 curricular areas originally created and developed by these students.  Prior to the trip, the Shanxi group, working with the College’s Baking Connection group, organized a charity sale of cookies and coffee to raise MOP10,000 for the poor children in the mountainous area of Shanxi.


This year, another group of 22 SPCers will conduct the same social service learning trip on May 23-June 3.  Prior to the trip, more than 50 SPC students from 7 student groups plus 2 volunteers get organized to prepare 7 different types of food (chocolate, pudding, cupcakes, fish ball, devil eggs, etc) and drink (Pomelo honey drink) for the second-year charity sale. At the moment when this email is being written, about 10 students of the Shanxi group are working hard on the 7th floor pantry to DIY a number of plastic key chains for the charity sale.  All these dedicated effort and hard work – away from their busy mid-term schedule – are intended to raise funds to support the education needs of the less privileged children in China.


This charity sale will be staged from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on March 2 (Thursday) and March 3 (Friday) in front of the College building (S9).  Ms. Christine Chan, Superintendent of Bo Ai School from Shanxi, will be on-site at SPC supporting the charity sale.  You are cordially invited to come to support these 50-plus students who come out of their comfort zone, learning to give, to serve, to share and to love experientially.


We look forward to seeing you on Thursday and Friday!