Shiu Pong College Shanxi Service Trip 2017


Led by Shiu Pong College (SPC) Master and Mrs. Leung, 21 SPC students visited Boai School in a service learning trip on May 23 – June 3. Boai is a charity school located in Fengcun, Xin Yuan County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province of China. It is a school that has been receiving support from SPC for the past few years. So far, SPC has organized two service learning trips to Boai and two fundraising activities at SPC. This service learning trip aimed to develop SPC students’ problem solving ability, critical thinking skills and whole person growth. Through classroom teaching, visiting nearby elderly home, organic farming and related activities, students learned how to serve others with a heart of love, work cooperatively as a team, and contribute to the needy with their knowledge. In addition, the trip to ancient city Ping Yao also enabled students to have in-depth understanding of the ancient culture of Shanxi Province.


This Shanxi service learning trip was composed of three parts. The first part was the volunteer-teaching activity. As early as February this year, SPC students began designing and preparing course material for the students of Boai School on subjects of English, science, general education workshops, biographies, and window to the world. They created their own teaching materials, teaching aids, and strived to bring a different learning experience to the children there. In Boai, not only SPC students’ serious teaching efforts were much appreciated by the school teachers, they were loved by the children, and were able to foster a lasting friendship with the kids.


The second part was to visit the elderly – mostly single and widowed, in the region’s caves, or in nearby elderly home. Led by the School Superintendent at Boai, SPC students had cordial conversations with the elderly. Although SPC students did not understand the local dialect of Shanxi, they communicated patiently with their body languages, expressing their care and love. In thoughtful collaboration with Boai teachers, SPCers also brought to the elderly cleaning and food items as gifts. At the end of the visit, SPC students staged a magic show and sang to entertain the elderly.


The third part of the service learning trip was to visit the ancient city of Ping Yao, built in the Western Zhou Dynasty. Ping Yao is one of the UNESCO’s preserved cultural heritages and is also the most well-preserved ancient city in China today. At Ping Yao, SPC students experienced not only the architecture of long history, but also had better understanding of the traditional customs, history and culture of Shanxi. Surrounded by old city walls, antique security firms to provide escort services in the past, old vinegar shops and all kinds of cultural symbols, SPC students were brought back to the ancient Ping Yao city of more than 2,000 years ago, just like living alongside people who would enjoy the snow scenes by the fireside, making tea with the spring dews.


Towards the end of the Shanxi visit, many SPCers indicated that they had benefited a lot from this trip. Wing Liu, a year-3 SPC student, to retain that he learned a lot about teamwork through the preparation of this trip. He said that planning in advance is always important. He believes that the purpose of their activities lies not only in helping Boai kids acquire knowledge and learn more of the world outside of Shanxi, but also in gratefully internalizing Boai’s education philosophy. He witnessed quality education, seeing love and hope in action there. Wing’s reflections also echoed similar thoughts among other SPCers, who are already looking forward to the trip next year.









在本次山西之行的尾聲,紹邦書院的同學們對本次活動發表了總結感言,並紛紛表示自己受益匪淺。劉穎聰同學在接受採訪時說到,本次山西之行使他在團隊合作方面得到了很大的鍛煉,讓他明白了做事情應提前準備而非臨陣磨槍。他認為參加此次支教活動不僅是希望能夠幫助小朋友們學習到更多知識,多了解山區以外的世界, 更是對博愛學校教學理念的一種認同與欣賞。他在這裏看到了真正的素質教育,看到了愛與希望。其他同學也對劉穎聰同學看法表示贊同,並期待著來年的山西服務之旅。



SPC Student teachers were surprised by the enthusiastic response from Boai pupils

SPC student explaining in a small group discussion

The SPC city-dwelling students trying organic farming for the first time

SPC students visiting a nearby elderly home during the weekend, showing their love in action