Course Title              : Freshman Experiential Learning

Course Code             : SAGE100

Year of Study           : Year 1

Pre-requisites          : None

Credit Units              : 0

Grading                      : Pass / Not Pass

Course Description:

This two-semester course is designed to orient students to the expectations and experiences of university life at the University of Macau. It will provide active learning opportunities that will enable students to take responsibility for their self-conscious transition from high school to university life. The course will also serve the function of forming student learning communities, which, facilitated by an RC academic staff member, will encourage students to explore a wide range of experiential learning activities in RC competency areas (Global Citizenship, Cultural Engagement, Healthy Living, Interpersonal Relations and Teamwork, Leadership and Service) while documenting and assessing their personal growth in an eportfolio. Students will be responsible for creating a self-development plan and submitting an eportfolio interim and final project.

SAGE100_suggested course syllabus