University and College Graduation Requirements

(From Sept 2014 to June 2015)


Professional and academic excellences are no longer sufficient qualities to enable university students to cope with multiple challenges of modern age. Personal competence nowadays plays an important part contributing to success. Residential College is a highly integrated learning community, incorporating classroom learning, residence, extracurricular activities and non-formal education for students.


College residents are expected to live a full college life where learning opportunities for the whole-person development are almost limitless. Through living together, residents will explore and develop new learning opportunities that suit their needs and interests.


For the educational benefits of individual students and the entire residential community, all residents are expected to take an active part in activities as graduation requirement that will bring educational benefits through the following areas:



a)     First year students had to take the course of “SAGE 100 University Life” in Sept-Oct 2014 and complete e-portfolio reflection learning before 15 April 2015. Students should submit reflection on 2 activities under each of the competency area of learning to the e-portfolio. Learning process will be assessed by College staff.

b)       All the learning experiences from the activities in the College should be recorded and reflected in the e-portfolio according to the learning outcome of 5 competencies: (i) Interpersonal Relation and Teamwork; (ii) Global citizenship; (iii) leadership and Service; (iv) Cultural Engagement; (v) Healthy Living