Culture Exchange around Dessert

The SPC “Food and Culture at Venetian Hotel”, held on March 1, attracted 30-plus students to join. This most well-received event of the year of the College, jointly organized by SPC and Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, was in its third year, aimed at exposing students to food culture around the world. Different from the previous two years, this year’s students were asked to prepare desserts, rather than cuisines on the dining table.
Besides teaching SPC students the unique culinary style and presentation, the executive chefs from 4 different nations — Portuguese, American, Italian and French — shared with SPC students the cultural background and emphasis of the most favored dessert of their nation.
SPC students in four groups of eight each – all in chef’s apron and hat – were rotated to learn how to prepare and decorate one dessert at a time for four rounds of competition, with the winning team given a bag of souvenirs and a free dinner at Parisian Hotel. The most attractive part of the event took place when all participating students were given a buffet of all prepared desserts.
In addition, senior management personnel of the Hotel also joined the event and shared with SPC students the career opportunities in the hotel and tourist industry in Macau, making this event meaningful in cultural exchange and relevant in career development.





Students learning cooking skills from chef


Students preparing desserts


Students showing their achievement


Group photo taking